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MS’s Meridian MS5 lock-down to end on Tuesday

The locksmiths of Microsoft and Microsoft MSFT are taking the last of their inventory of Microsoft Office 365 devices and the last shipment of Office 2016 licenses.

The Microsoft Office products that are going out of stock on the MSN Store will be the first of the Windows 10-based devices to go offline. 

The Microsoft Office devices that are being held in inventory will no longer be available to use.

The following Microsoft Office licenses are not affected by this decision: Office 2016 for Business, Microsoft Office 2016 ProPlus, Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Microsoft OneNote 2016 for Mac. 

Microsoft has announced that all Office licenses in the Microsoft Office inventory will go on sale at the same time, with the exception of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 licenses that will be available on a first-come, first-served basis through the Microsoft Exchange Online store. 

Exchange Server 2016 and Office 2016 are the two core Office products for the Windows Server 2016 family. 

In a blog post on Monday, Microsoft stated that it was closing stores across its enterprise network to ensure that all Microsoft Office services can be fully supported. 

“While we don’t have the exact number of affected licenses yet, it appears that we have the majority of them.

The majority of Office licenses will not be supported until later this month. 

At the same, Microsoft will continue to provide support to those customers that need it,” the blog post stated. 

When the products that were in inventory, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book 2, are no longer in stock, customers who purchased them from the Microsoft Online store will have their licenses renewed. 

Those who purchased Microsoft Office Online licenses that were not in inventory can purchase new licenses through Microsoft’s online retail store.

Microsoft’s statement is in line with what we’ve heard from many people.

Some customers are waiting for the last few hours of inventory to come in, but Microsoft is making sure that those customers can continue to use Microsoft Office.

We’re also seeing customers using Microsoft Office on their own devices. 

We don’t know exactly when these last few shipments will be in stock but we do know that we are going to have a limited supply of Office products in our retail stores.

The Office 365 license expiration dates have been confirmed to be June 28, 2019, June 30, 2020, July 4, 2021, July 5, 2021 and July 6, 2021.

Microsoft said that it has not provided any information regarding the availability of Office 365 subscriptions for Office 365 licenses, which are sold at $49 per year or $69 per year for Business and Enterprise.