Victorians will soon be able to lock their doors in the dark with an app to protect them

Victorians are in for a rude awakening in the coming weeks.

The lock-picking app Lockpicks has been created to help lockpicks prevent burglars from gaining entry.

The app is a partnership between the Victoria Police and Lockpucks, a national lock-pick company that specialises in protecting the privacy of the Victorians’ homes.

The project was launched in June to coincide with the National Lock-picking Day, which is being celebrated in Australia.

Lockpicks founder John Brown said Lockpunks was excited to bring the app to Victoria and had had the support of local Victoria Police.

“It’s great to see a national brand coming in to the area and it really shows that lockpicking is a really cool, unique, and fun hobby for Victoria,” he said.

“We hope that Lockpacks users in Victoria will be excited about the app and the new locksmith option they can use to lock themselves or other people’s homes.”

Lockpucks chief executive Simon Broughton said Lock Picks was about keeping the home safe, but also making the lock more accessible.

“This app is designed to help anyone who is interested in locking themselves in their home, whether they are a locksmith, an experienced lockpicker or just someone who likes the challenge of trying new lockpicking methods to get a lockpick off the door,” he told News Corp Australia.

“Many people do not like the idea of having a lock picker outside their home.”

The app uses a secure lockpick on your smartphone to unlock the lock.

You can then enter the code that is displayed on the app on the lock’s handle.

The locksmith is then able to unlock it, or leave it unlocked.

It also allows you to use a different method of locking the door when the locksmith has left your home, and can be set to only unlock a specific area of the home.

“Lock Picks can help people lock their home to keep their possessions safe, protect their property and prevent burglaries,” Mr Broughtons said.

“We believe that it is very important that everyone who locks their home is aware of the security and privacy risks that a burglar can pose.”

For many, this is a life-saving measure to keep people safe from an intruder.

“As soon as a burglary occurs, Lock Picks locks the home and locks the property to prevent further harm to other people and property.”

You can lock yourself in your home and leave the property unlocked at any time and Lock Picks will lock your home automatically, so you can be home when the police arrive.

“There is no need to lock your property in your bedroom or a corner of your home to avoid a burgler.”

The lockpick will cost $3.99 and is available to download now.

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