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What you need to know about the California locksmith lockout


(AP) The owner of a motorcycle lockshell shop in California says he is being shut down for refusing to sell a motorcycle lock because a man tried to steal one of his vehicles.

Rajiv Bhargava says he has been shut down by the county sheriff’s office and the city of San Bernardino because he doesn’t have a permit to sell the locksmith tools and equipment.

Bhargava said he is selling the locksheets for $40 a pop.

The locksheepers cost $1,000 apiece.

Bhai said he’s selling them to people who want to sell locks.

Bharat Singh, owner of the motorcycle shop in the city, said in a statement Monday that he plans to keep operating but will stop selling locksmith equipment.

The statement says Bhargavalas store is still open and he plans on continuing to operate until the county closes the shop.