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How to get a locksmith’s license

A locksmith can be an invaluable tool for people who need to secure a home or business.

Here are some key things to know about getting one: 1.

Getting a lockshamster license Your home and business need a locksurgist for security reasons.

A locksurgists job is to check your locks and get the right keys.

They can also give you locksmith training.


Getting licensed in England and Wales A locksham-licensed home or small business needs a licence.

A person who is 18 or over, who is a qualified locksmith and has not previously held a licence, can apply for one.

You can get one in England only, not in Wales.

If you’re applying for a licence in England, you need to tell the police.


Getting your licence from the Police The Police must get a license from a licensing authority to make a licence application.

The Licensing Authority has to ask the local authority for a license.

The Local Government Licensing Agency (LGLA) also needs to make an application for a local authority license.

If the licensing authority says no to an application, the police will go through the Local Government Council and make an assessment.

The local authority then has to decide if they can apply to get the licence from a different licensing authority.

If they decide to apply for a new license, they need to apply to the Home Office for one and send it to the Licensing authority.

You need to give the Home Affairs Department information about the applicant.


Getting an inspection You can apply if you’re licensed in the UK, but you’ll need to go to a local police station to get an inspection.

The inspection usually takes between five to 15 minutes.


Getting certified Your license will only be valid for a year if you can prove you’ve been using it for at least two years.

If not, you’ll have to renew it.

It’s important that you have a licence and that you are qualified to practise as a lockslaying specialist.

If someone comes to you with a complaint about the quality of your work, they can take it to a licensing officer.

The licensing officer will review your work and decide whether you need more time to apply.


Licensing the right person Licensing officers will look at whether you’re qualified to practice as a licensed locksmith.

If an inspector thinks you’ve got the qualifications and experience you need, they will make an appointment with you.

You must also pass an inspection if you have been using your licence in a licensed premises for more than two years or are applying for an extension.


What to do if you’ve lost your licence When you lose your licence, you can apply in person at a licensing office.

You’ll need your licence and a photocopy of a licence card.

If your licence card is missing, you may need to visit a licensed authority.

Licencing officers will check your licence against their records to see if it is valid.

If it is, you must get it back.


Reporting a missing licence The police can ask a licensing officers office to send a report to the licensing office for a record of the licence that was lost.

You should report any loss to the police on your licence or if you need a replacement.


The Home Office’s Licensing and Enforcement Directorate If you’ve made a complaint or need help, contact the Home Ops office at: Home Ops: 0330 333 4444 or email [email protected]