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Arrow locksmith to open Denver store with bow, arrow

Arrow locksman Troy Carter will open a Denver store in the summer of 2019 with a bow and arrow.

The store, located at 1301 N. Broadway, will feature both antique and modern locksmiths.

“The concept for the store is really inspired by my father who was a lock maker, and we wanted to create something that would look and feel like the real thing,” Carter said.

“We will have a selection of locksmith tools, as well as a range of antique and vintage locksmith equipment.

There are many unique designs for each item, including a bow, which is actually an ancient Egyptian weapon that is still very much used.”

The store will also feature accessories like a lock box, lock picks, and a tool bag.

“Our goal is to be a safe and fun place for the general public, and also provide a unique outlet for the community to connect with the craft and learn,” Carter told Ars.

The Arrow store will be located at the corner of Broadway and Broadway Avenue, in Denver, Colorado.