Buffalo, New York, locksmith buffalo is back

The locksmith is back in Buffalo, N.Y., where he started out selling locksmith tools and has since built a career.

Now, he’s working on getting his business back up and running after being laid off by a competitor.

The Buffalo locksmith says he’s back and running because his employer, Blue Shield, doesn’t offer the kind of compensation that a locksmith in Buffalo might get, and he feels that’s unfair.

“It’s a small company, and I feel that I can be a good employee and get some compensation for it,” he told the Buffalo News.

“So I’m coming back to Buffalo.”

Blue Shield has lost more than 3,500 locksmith jobs since the Great Recession.

The lockshow, a popular event that brings together local locksmiths and hobbyists, has been canceled every year since 2011.

It’s been a long-running problem for Blue Shield.

The company has been forced to hire out part-time employees, which has reduced the number of locksmith positions and led to layoffs.

Last year, Blue Shields first lockout took place in March.

In response, BlueShield decided to cut off its locksmith contracts and shut down its lockshop in Buffalo.

Blue Shield says it plans to hire back at least 20 locksmith workers in Buffalo by the end of the year, with the first hiring of new employees to take over the locksmith position.

In the meantime, it’s trying to keep some people employed in Buffalo and keep them out of the lockshop.

Blue Shields owners say the lockout was about money.

Blue Shield owner and CEO David LeBlanc says he and Blue Shield employees will be getting some compensation, but they also want to offer the same level of compensation as a lockslinger in Buffalo who is making about $16 an hour.

LeBlanc told the news outlet that Blue Shield’s business is already struggling because of the lockout, and that he thinks Blue Shield could help it get back on its feet.

“I’m glad that I was able to help save a lot of lives in Buffalo,” he said.

“And I think that the city of Buffalo is going to take that and use it as a catalyst to keep businesses going and grow.”

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