How to find a locksmith in Georgia

The National Rifle Association is warning that new legislation introduced in Georgia could lead to increased rates of lock thefts.

The Georgia Legislature passed the bill this week which would increase the penalty for the unlawful possession of a locksaw.

The new law is the result of a recent agreement between the NRA and the state legislature to pass a law that would allow the NRA to lobby for additional lock restrictions.

The NRA has long lobbied for the increase in lock fees and now has a good shot at becoming a lobbying powerhouse for Georgia.

Georgia State Sen. Matt Gaetz introduced the bill on March 1.

The bill has passed both the Georgia House and Senate, but is not expected to be heard by the Governor before the end of the month.

Gaetz said he believes the increased penalties for the unauthorized use of locksaws could lead more locksmiths to leave the state.

“This is going to lead to more locksaw owners, and that’s what I want to stop,” he said.

The bill was passed by the Georgia Senate on April 25 and passed the Georgia Assembly on May 4.

The Assembly will now go to the Governor to have the bill signed into law.

According to Gaetz, the bill would increase penalties for both the theft and illegal use of a chainsaw by $100. 

Gaetz said his bill will make the situation worse for thieves who steal a locksaws.

“If somebody’s stealing a chainsaws and they’re just about to cut the lock or break the lock, you can get arrested for theft,” he explained.

If the bill is passed, Gaetz is also proposing a new penalty for any locksmith who refuses to repair a locksaver. 

The bill would also require locksmith licenses to be renewed annually.

Gaets would also increase the penalties for unauthorized locksmith work. 

“It’s time to fix this,” Gaetz told WSB.

“We’ve been trying to do this for a long time, but now we’re going to be forced to take a hit.”