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Lockmiths little rock: What do you get when you combine a barista and a lock?

A locksmith in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been trying to find a way to combine the two.

He told the ABC that he was recently given a call from the barista who had a problem.

“The barista told me they were going to cut it off, but then she saw the locksmith,” he said.

The locksmith then went to the lockscreen, which he realised had a screen that showed locksmiths and locksmith tools.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the perfect combination’,” Mr Lockhart said.

“She was like ‘Oh yeah, this looks exactly like the one I had in my kitchen’.” Mr Lockhardt said he got to work and created a combination he had in his kitchen.

“When I went into the locks screen, it said it was a combination that is just for me,” he explained.

“It was pretty simple to do, just press the little button, and the combination happens.”

The baristas were impressed, and were happy that they could get a locksmith to go out and help them.

“They were very impressed and thought I did a really good job.”

Lock-making is not only used by the baristas, but also by the people who work in the bar and restaurants.

A lockscreen locksmith told the the concept is very much in the minds of the bar owners and owners of the shops that sell locks, and that it is something that they are trying to incorporate into their culture.

“That is the idea behind it, it is very ingrained into the community,” he told the news.

“So it’s just a fun thing that people can do.”

The baristas said they would love to see the idea take off in other areas.

“We really want to do it in other places, like the coffee shops,” one barista said.