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How to Unlock Your Lock via Snapchat or Google+

I don’t often get to lock the door of my house but I do have the ability to lock it from my phone.

The lock app locks me in from my home to my office.

The locksmith can then remotely unlock the door by sending a text message.

Unfortunately, this only works if the lock is set to a password-protected mode.

I’ve also noticed that if I open the lock screen from my computer, I get an error message.

Google+ has a built-in option for using a lock screen.

However, I often find myself going back to the lock screens from my Google+ account to check out new locks, and there’s no way to see what’s new.

I’m hoping to add a Google+ lock screen to my Google devices in the future. 

This is where Google’s lock screen comes in.

I have a Google Pixel XL and a Nexus 6P, so I use the Pixel lock screen for unlocking my phone and the Nexus lock screen as well. 

I find the lock button on the Pixel XL’s home screen to be a little too small, so it takes a little getting used to.

I find myself holding my phone out to the side and tapping the lock key to lock.

I’ll have to say that this works better than I initially thought it would. 

It’s a little frustrating, because the lock app will not open until I have the lock code.

When I do unlock the phone, the lock doesn’t show up until the user taps the lock icon. 

Google+ allows users to share photos, videos, and files between each other.

It’s not an option for me, so the lock has become an annoyance.

I like that the lock works so much better than the Google Photos app, but it does require that I keep an eye on my device.

Google has a new lock app, called Lock Screen.

This is similar to the Google+ lockscreen, except that it’s a single tap to unlock the device. 

Lock screen in action. 

How to unlock your lock via Google+ or Snapchat.