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‘Busy Bee’ locksmith says he was robbed in a busy bee hive

Busy Bee locksmiths father, the founder of the popular locksmith chain, says he is being harassed by a group of masked men. 

The gang of six men have made off with his car keys, wallets, cellphone and cash. 

“I am not in the least bit worried about the fact that they (the robbers) are going to come after my family and children,” said Mr Jhoot.

“If you get into a car, get out, don’t panic, stay calm, don`t panic, they don`ve got the car keys.

They can just drive around.”

The gang, including a masked man and a woman, stole his car and stole his family’s keys in January last year.

“The car was stolen in front of the house where my children are staying.

The family is not in there.

They are in a different part of the city,” Mr Jhatun said.”

It is a busy place, and you should be prepared for anything,” he added.”

I don`m worried.

The situation is pretty serious.

The guys are trying to get their hands on my family.” 

Mr Jhatunc said he did not know who the gang of men were.

He said they had stolen his family car, keys and other valuables.

“We don`re being threatened by anyone.

It is a gang.

It`s a big gang.

They (the thieves) are not trying to intimidate us,” he said.

Mr Jhooman said he was not afraid of the gang.

Mr Jatun said he feared the men had been given an opportunity to rob him because he was a business owner.

“They are trying their best to intimidate me, but they can’t intimidate me.

I don`d rather fight than be intimidated,” he told AAP.”

There is no fear.

We will keep fighting and we will win.”

Busy bee, which has about 600 stores across Australia, is Australia`s third-largest locksmith and employs about 2,000 people.

Busys locksmith, who does not want to be named, said he had been robbed twice in the last three months.

In January last, his locksmith car was parked at a store in the city.

When he tried to open the door, the gang tried to get into the car.

The locksmith told police he was threatened with a gun.

At a news conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, Mr Jatunc said the locksmith had been targeted by a number of gang members and had been left with serious injuries.

An investigation into the theft of his car is ongoing.

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