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How to Secure Your Biggest New York City Lock Up

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(AP) A Montana locksmith says he’s been asked to work with a local jail to secure the state’s largest city lockup.

Lorenzo DePaula says he has been called in by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office and was supposed to meet with the state Department of Correction’s locksmiths office.

DePaula said he was not asked to come to St. Charles County.

He said his group has been working on the issue for the past month.

The St. Joseph locksmith’s locks have been in the lockup for more than three months.

DePaulas group, working with the locksmith and the sheriff’s office, plans to meet Tuesday to discuss a plan for securing the locks.

DePauw is not the first locksmith to face criticism.

In March, a locksmith in St. Anthony, Indiana, was sued after he posted photos on social media of locksmith equipment being used in a nearby jail.

DePauws attorneys say the photos were taken on the lockups behalf.