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What you need to know about home locksmiths

It’s a big business, but the business is booming, with a number of home locks makers taking advantage of the growing trend of self-service locksmith services.

Home locksmith jobs are growing rapidly, but with self-serve systems, it can be difficult to track who is hiring who and what their qualifications are.

Here are the top 25 most popular locksmith job openings in Canada.


Door Lockers in Winnipeg 2.

Door Locksmiths in Toronto 3.

Lockscreen Locks & Locks 3.

Home Locksman in Ottawa 4.

Home Security Locksmokers in Edmonton 5.

Door lock cleaning and installation in Halifax 6.

Home Lockroom Installation in Victoria 7.

Home security locksmith in Ottawa 8.

Home repair locksmithing in Toronto 9.

Door locksmith for residential homes in Edmonton 10.

Door and Garage locksmith at the University of Winnipeg 11.

Door/ Garage locksmoker in Victoria 12.

Home Door/Garage locksmith and garage cleaning in Edmonton 13.

Door locking/security system service for residential homeowners in Calgary 14.

Home door locksmokers installation in Calgary 15.

Door-locked homes in Vancouver 16.

Home home security locksmakers installation in Edmonton 17.

Home automation locksmith installation in Toronto 18.

Door opening and unlocking service in Halifax 19.

Home surveillance and security locks in Toronto 20.

Home auto locksmith service in Ottawa 21.

Home air conditioning and garage alarm installation in Montreal 22.

Home maintenance locksmith of small homes in Toronto 23.

Home electric lock systems in Edmonton 24.

Home electrical locksmith with commercial locksmith program in Toronto 25.

Door Unlocking Services for Residential Homes in Edmonton