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How to open locks at home with locksmith scott,miles out,locks and a padlock

Scottsdale locksmith and locksmith Scott Miles outfitted a trailer with three different locks and a couple of padlocks.

“I used to lock cars for my dad,” Miles said.

“When he died, I started looking into how we can get the locks out of the vehicles and make them easier to open.”

Miles has done a lot of research on how to open cars.

“We had a trailer that had one lock, but now we have three different ones,” he said.

When Miles opens a car, he usually looks for the padlock that has been attached to the front of the car.

“The padlock can be the key to open the door, and if it’s on the outside, it opens the doors.”

Miles said he was surprised by how easy it was to open a car with a padlocked door.

“There’s a little padlock on the inside, but it’s not on the front,” he explained.

Miles said it takes a lot more time to open an unlocked vehicle with a locked door than it does to open one with a non-locked door like the one he used.

“It takes a little longer to open with a lock than a door,” he added.

Miles has used a padlocksmith’s tape measure and other tools to unlock a number of vehicles.

“If I can get it to the right place, I’ll be able to unlock the car with the padlocks,” he noted.

Miles used a keypad, a lock and a combination of padlock and key to unlock his Toyota Corolla.

“Once you get that padlock out, you can take it with you,” Miles added.

“You can take a pad lock, you have to use a pad locksmith to put it on.

You have to put the keypad on it, then it opens.”

Miles also used a drill to drill through the vehicle and get the padlocked lock out.

“My drill is really powerful,” he told ABC News.

“So I have to be really careful not to cut the pad lock.”

Miles and his partner, Matt McIlwain, have been working on this project since April of this year.

“Every time we have to take the car out, it takes about three hours to get it back,” Miles explained.

“But when we have the pad locks, it’s almost a breeze.”

Miles explained that he was excited about the results of his research.

“As a locksmith you have a lot less time,” he observed.

“For us, it makes it easier to go into a home.”

Miles is currently working on his next project, which involves a garage door.

He is hoping to use the same drill he used to open vehicles.

The locksmith said he has a couple other projects he is working on, including getting locks in doors and locks on other things.

“These are things I never thought of doing,” Miles told ABC.

“They are just so hard to do.”

ABC News’ Scott Miles contributed to this report.