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Why do locksmiths need a warrant to access a suspect’s car?

Laredo, Texas (AP) A locksmith in the San Jose, California, area says a suspect in a kidnapping case has been locked in a garage with the door locksmith.

Lorenzo Graziano says the suspect was released from the custody of police after the locksmith took control of the garage and locked the door to the suspect’s vehicle.

Graziano tells The Associated Press that when he got there, he saw that the suspect had locked the garage door to his car.

The locksmith said he was told the suspect would get out and drive away, but when he did, the suspect drove away again, Grazian said.

Gaziano says he and his colleagues then tried to call 911 to try and get help, but they were told to turn off the car’s lights and lock the garage doors.

The lockers are located on the third floor of a garage in San Jose.GSA spokesperson Dan McCauley tells the AP that they do have some procedures in place for locking a vehicle.

In a statement, a spokesperson for San Jose Police Department said, “The San Jose police department is working closely with the Laredos locksmith team to investigate the incident.

Laredoe is a city of about 100,000 people located in San Mateo County.”

The locksman says the suspects car has been towed, but he’s not sure how long the process will take.