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When it comes to locksmiths, springfield, Illinois, may have the edge

Electronic locksmith Edmond Ok and his wife, Barbara Ok, have been in business for 10 years.

But with the help of a new patent, they say they have developed an alternative to traditional locksmithing, which relies on physical locksmith skills and a few tricks.

The Ok family also believes their technology could change the way we shop for goods, according to the patent filing.

Edmond and Barbara Ok patent their invention in March.

Their technology relies on a lock that can be programmed to release a small amount of electricity.

The code they use to trigger the release can be read by a robot or by a smartphone.

The result is a lock, which can be operated with a smartphone, and a small electricity-generating device, which is then programmed to generate a small electric charge in a user’s lock.

The two patents describe their technology as an “electronic lock.”

The patents are the latest in a string of technology innovations by Ok and Barbara, who have received dozens of patents each year since their family started their business in 1996.

In 2013, they also received a patent for their system to create electronic locks and to create an “electric key” that would unlock a door, according the patent application.

“We are proud to have been the first to incorporate our patented technology into an electronic lock, as well as to provide a safe and secure way to unlock doors,” Ok said in a statement.

The company says their invention was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

“There is no need for locksmith equipment.

Our patent allows you to create and unlock your own locks using a simple and effective method,” Barbara Ok said.

“Our solution allows anyone with an electric key to open any door, including the ones they own.

This will give all customers access to the door without having to go through the hassle of unlocking the doors themselves.”

The patent application for their invention, which was granted in 2017, says the new technology “allows for an enhanced and safer way to safely and securely lock the door with an electronic key.”

The invention allows a person to lock a door without using physical keys or physical locks.

“The electronic lock is a convenient, convenient, secure, and inexpensive way to lock the doors of an apartment complex or hotel,” the patent states.

It also adds that “an electronic lock can be configured to automatically release a specified amount of electrical energy.”

Edmond says that by creating a “key” that is programmed to automatically generate a specified electrical charge when the door is opened, the company’s system allows users to “enter any room without having the door open.”

“Our patented electronic lock technology is designed to make the doors a more secure place to stay and work in,” Edmond said.

The patent applications says that they “allow users to enter any room that has an electronic door lock, regardless of the physical doors that the doors are secured to.”

Barbara Ok says that the company has patented their invention to “help increase security for all of us.”

The company’s “key,” according to their patent application, is designed so that the electrical charge generated by the key is stored inside the door and can be activated remotely when the key’s power is turned on.

When the door opens, the electrical charging is released, and the door locks, according their patent.

Edmund said that by adding the technology to his invention, the Ok’s invention would allow for a secure, convenient place to store items and accessorize rooms.

“This invention would also enable the door to be locked automatically if the door’s lock key is turned off,” the filing states.

The filing does not mention whether the electric key could be programmed into the electronic lock.

Edmonds and Barbara are not the only people who have been researching the technology, and Ok and other inventors are also working on their patent applications.

“It is important to note that we are a small company, and we don’t have the resources to pursue all of our ideas, which we will hopefully get a patent on,” Barbara said in an email.

“Edmond and I are excited about our idea and hope to eventually get the patent to be released to the public.”

Barbara and Edmond started their company in 1996, after Edmond was injured in a car accident.

The couple is married and have three children.

Edmons first started working at a locksmith in 1995, after his mother died and his father passed away.

After graduating from college, Edmons went to work as a lockshop, but his passion for computers took over his life.

“I have been developing this technology for 10+ years,” he said.

In 2009, Edmond founded a company called Locky Locky, which sold a device that let him access unlocked locks from a smartphone app.

The product was later acquired by the company, which has since gone on to launch a mobile app. offers