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Microsoft says it has closed the Microsoft Store for the rest of this month, with a Windows 10 upgrade option still available

Ars Technicust bemoans Microsoft’s decision to temporarily shut down the Windows Store.

The store is no longer available for the remainder of the month, though you can still access the Windows 10 store from your Xbox Live account.

The Microsoft Store’s closure follows a number of other store closures, including its sister store in the U.K.

Microsoft has announced it is shutting down the Microsoft Appstore and Xbox app store in July, but Microsoft says that all future updates will be available from its cloud-based Marketplace, called Azure.

The company has also released a new version of its Windows 10 app that has more than 200 bug fixes, including some that address issues with Cortana, which was also removed from the Windows store last month.

The Windows Store will reopen for the remaining two months of the year.