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BMW locksmiths BMWs lock to prevent thefts

BMW locks have been installed across the US to help protect cars and other vehicles against thieves.

The locksmith service was launched on Thursday to help prevent the theft of vehicles and other property from thieves.

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Moto E is the latest car in a long line of luxury brands to adopt locks.

Earlier this year, Ford said it was phasing out the use of locking mechanisms in the 2015 Ford Focus and 2017 Ford Mustang.

The Ford Focus uses a combination of a sensor and a laser to automatically detect if a vehicle is in a locked position, according to Ford.

For the Ford Mustang, the sensor detects when the vehicle is unlocked and locks itself automatically, allowing the car to be driven to a safe location.

Last year, BMW introduced a similar system for the BMW 5 Series.

The sensors detect when the ignition is pressed, and locks the car automatically when the car is parked, according a blog post.

“The new sensor also sends an automatic notification if the ignition lock is being pressed, so it doesn’t have to be done manually,” the blog post said.

Locking the brakes and door locks on cars, cars and even the front seats are becoming more common in recent years, and the use is expected to increase with the introduction of new cars.

Earlier this month, Ford announced a partnership with Volvo, which will offer the first in-car locks for the 2018 XC90 SUV.