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Locked up in Hollywood? A locksmith from Midland and Hollywood locksmiths talk about their new business –

Locked up with a new job?

The locksmith who works in Hollywood is ready to take his next steps.

Key points: Michael J. Fender, who has worked as a locksmith for more than 30 years, has been living in Hollywood for more years than he can remember.

“I’ve lived here for almost 30 years and I have had more than my fair share of bad experiences,” Mr Fender said.

He has had to use his own money to pay for the rent, food and petrol, as well as the costs of security guards.

However, he said he had a few things he liked about living in Los Angeles.

In an interview with the ABC, Mr Fenders wife, who also works in the locksmith business, said it was important to him that he did not forget his children.

She said Mr Fersen was also keen to help other people who were struggling to find work.

They are now looking to raise $15,000 to start a locksaw company.

Mr Fender has been locked up in a locked cage in his own home for more of the past two years.

“I have no idea how I’m going to pay rent, I’ve spent a fortune of money on the locksaw and the lock down, I have no savings.

It’s not like I have a rainy day fund, it’s not what you’d call a rainy-day fund,” he said.”

We have two kids, one of them is two years old, she’s learning to drive and the other one’s a year old, and I’ve been locked in a cage.”

It’s been horrible.

“He said he was frustrated that the locksaws industry was in decline.”

There are more locksmith jobs than there are people that are qualified to do them,” he told the ABC.

The locksmith’s business is in need of a boost after a number of locksmith companies closed.

It is hoped the company will help raise money to keep up with rising rents.

One of the main benefits of a lockshaw is the possibility of being a part of the community, Mr J.F. said.

The lockshop is one of four business ventures that Mr J Fender runs with his wife, Joanna.

His wife works at an IT company and their son is a student at the university where they live.

A locksmith has a range of skills including cutting metal, welding and working in other welding shops.

While working at the lockshop, he learnt to weld with a bar clamp, but it was not something he had done before.

Since moving to Hollywood, Mr. J Fenders business has grown and he said his business was doing well.”

The more I do, the more I get paid,” he explained.”

In this city we’re working at about $80,000 a year.

When I got here I was doing $90,000.

I’m really happy with what I’m doing, I love the job and I love my wife, I think we’re doing great.